The Micros: Ep.1 The Pilot

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Unless you’ve been living in a box, chances are you’ve heard about Online Poker’s Black Friday. Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker have all been indicted and players have been suspended from play from both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

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PokerNews, with up to the minute news –

The Wynn cancels plans with PokerStars and Fertitta Brothers plans with Full Tilt have ‘expired’ –

ESPN Poker shows pulled, including NAPT and “Inside Deal”

Mainstream Coverage:

Update 4/16/2011 – 4:35 PM PT – Dan Abrams predicts legality is inevitable:

Update 4/20/2011 – 12.45PM PT –

Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker have come to an agreement.  All USA players will be able to get their money out of their accounts.  This comes as a big sigh of relief for a lot of people out there.  Along with the ability to safely cash out its users, they also retain their .com domain names.  As part of the agreement they may not offer real money games to USA players but they’re welcome to still offer play money games.  Unfortunately, this does not thrill many players.  With the notion that online poker is soon to be legalized it would appear that the government would plan to keep the 10+ year experienced Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker as players have grown to trust these entities.  Until the almost ascertain legalization, players have to either choose to play live, relocate to an area where online poker is legal, or play the waiting game to see if the United States can step up and allow the Poker Players Alliance to work out a deal to legalize online poker.

Update 4/21/2011 – 12:50 PT –

Fox’s John Stossel rips the passiveness of D’Amato and the PPA in his article, “Leave the Gamblers Alone

Check back for the latest updates regarding today’s PPA fly-in:

“With this here, it won’t be Americans playing on foreign sites, it will be foreigners playing on American sites,” John Campbell (California – R) said, arguing that legalizing and regulating online poker would create jobs in the U.S. and protect consumers from shady foreign operators. Full Story on

From the PPA:

“Rep. Joe Barton said poker is a game of skill and challenged those who do not believe this to play Greg Raymer. He said to expect his legislation soon.”

“Rep. John Campbell said online poker is about 3 things: Freedom, Jobs and Consumer Protection. He urged Poker Players to contact their Members of Congress.”

Update 5/24/2011 5:00PM – From CardPlayer – Texas Republican Plans to Draft Online Poker Bill

Update 5/25/2011 – Patrick Thibodeau asks, “Can Internet gambling really work in D.C.?

From TheHill –  “Paul accuses Reid of breaking his word on Patriot Act amendments

If you missed it:

5/23/2011 – 10 more online poker sites seized, including  Full story at


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