Poker Office: Brodie “Bink” Seaman

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Today we’re featuring a rather unique Poker Office, a multi-computer, four monitor set-up! The top monitor (22″ Dell Ultrasharp 2209WA) is connected to a 17″ MacBook Pro Laptop. This is Seaman’s personal computer, when playing poker its used to play music.  The three lower monitors (30″ Samsung SyncMaster 305T Plus and two 20″ Dell Ultrasharp 2007FP (rotated 90 degrees) ) are used strictly used for poker.

2 KVMs allows him to switch the MacBook from the 22″ Dell to the 30″ Samsung.  While the Mac is using, TableScanner is displayed on the left side monitor to scan the tables, and allows him to quickly see if there are soft tables. Synergy allows me to seamlessly control the Mac and PC from the same keyboard and mouse.

CPU: Dual Core AMD Athlon machine with 4GB of RAM
Keyboard: Apple Wired Keyboard
Also check out Seaman’s custom poker table, made for a poker league that he’s involved with.
[box] PLD: Awesome set-up! How does Synergy work? It says you can share keyboards over different OS’ without pressing any buttons?Seaman: Synergy basically works how you would assume it works. One computer is the “server” and has the mouse/keyboard plugged into it. The other computer has no mouse or keyboard attached. When you set everything up in synergy, you tell it where each computers monitor is located in relation to the other. Once you launch Synergy on each computer, all you have to do is move the mouse over to the other screen, and it switches to that computer. In my case, if the mouse is on the 30″ monitor and I move it up to the top, it will switch to the 22″ monitor that my macbook is connected to. Its really slick. There are lots of well written easy to follow instructions on setting it up. I’d highly recommend trying it out.[/box]