Top 10 Things to Get a Poker Player for Christmas

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There are existing lists of “things to get for poker players”, but none of them will compare to this one. Why? Because not only is this written by a poker player, it’s written by someone who’s very picky when it comes to gift. I’m hard to please, like most poker players are, we don’t want plastic playing chips or Poker for Dummies. We want quality. So without further ado, the Top 10 Things to Get a Poker Player for Xmas!:

10. Bose QuiteComfort Headphones – Simply the best for any live/online player. Honorable Mention: Dr. Dre’s Beats Headphones

9. KEM Plastic Playing Cards – Great stocking stuffer! Simply the best playing cards out there – and believe me – we can tell the difference. Honorable Mention: Copag Playing Cards

8. Any LED Back-Lit Keyboard – Misclick anyone? It’s very easy to type out $1000 instead of $100 on keyboard, especially if you can’t see it! This $60 sleek and stylish keyboard can save a poker player a ton of money in the long run! +EV to say the least:

7. Gift Card/Certificate for a Massage – Poker players can undergo a ton of stress, not to mention back problems from extended sitting in an office chair (Spoiler: see #1).

6. Any Android phone with Froyo (2.2) – With Full Tilt going mobile for Android, your poker player on your list can now play anywhere and anytime – and subsequently, ignore you in the process. :o

5. Poker Chips – Most of us already have some – but not as nice as these Venerati’s. Plus it’s just cool having denominations on the chips! Update: Checkout are review on the best poker chip sets for even more options!

4. Dell Duo – Jaws will drop with this gift. Poker on the go – in style!

3. A seat to a major live event – WSOP, WPT, APPT, you name it, it’s every players bucket list to at least play in one. Seats are quite expensive, but you can always offer a stake :) (50% of what he/she wins)

2. The Dream Monitor – Let’s face it, most poker players already have a solid monitor set-up if they’re a serious about the game. But if they don’t, a good monitor is the probably one of the best presents you can give! There are two ways to go about this, if you’re buying for someone who is a desktop computer user. Then a dual monitor set-up is probably ideal.  Make sure their video card is compatible (most newer ones are), if not, you can find them for around $30. For each monitor, make sure they have at least 1080 resolution, that way they can tile 12 tables comfortably. If they’re a laptop user, like I currently am, I’d go with a single 25″+ monitor, with a 1920 x 1200 resolution. That way you can tile 9 tables comfortably on that single monitor. Best Deal:

1. The Dream Chair – I can’t help you here. It’s “to each his own” when it comes to chairs. It’s really a matter of personal preference. But if you can find the dream chair for your poker player on your list – kudos! If by chance you’re feeling generous check out the Aeron.